Patch Notes, Apr. 8, 2020

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where when playing on a DS4 controller it would say you are using "Horizontal" rather than "Joystick"
  • In random, fixed bug with the area staying on the screen giving players no score after a reset round
  • Fixed graphical issues within the level editor
  • Fixed issue with mouse not allowing you to copy and paste enemies
  • Fixed issue with Escape not pausing the game if you are using a mouse
  • Mouse now highlights enemy parameters correctly
  • Typing a leading decimal place in a parameter will now automatically put in "0." rather than preventing you from typing
  • Values default to 0 when clearing number from parameters
  • Level Editor now shows keyboard controls when using a mouse
  • Fixed issue where the parameters would sometimes reset to 0
  • Fixed enemy angle guides not lining up with actual angles
  • Fixed issue with enemy angles not being preserved when multiple spawners are active


  • Updated layout of Level editor to look similar to other menus
  • Mouse and Keyboard now have special controls that appear for copy and paste (for enemies)
  • Streamlined wave timing editing
  • Clicking other enemy buttons or outside the current enemy closes the current selected enemy
  • Updated buttons to allow mouse to toggle range parameters on enemies
  • Mouse controls now have access to Copy/Paste for enemy parameters
  • Added a confirmation prompt if you have changed the current level before quitting out of the editor to prevent loss of work


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Version 3 Apr 08, 2020
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Version 3 Apr 08, 2020

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