Gauntlet Update

The biggest update since HyperDot’s release is live now. The new Gauntlet Update includes a variety of new features including a new gameplay mode, 12 bonus levels, a set of bug fixes, and mesmerizing new equalizer background.


Kick the campaign challenge up a few notches with HyperDot’s new Gauntlet mode and see how far you can make it with a limited number of lives. It’s a new twist on the classic campaign that will challenge even the most dedicated players. 

12 Bonus Levels

Each of these 12 stand-alone levels tackle a unique challenge that’ll put your dodging chops to the test. Ambitiously hand-crafted and extra-rude with attitude. 

The Equalizer Background 

This new level background is not only beautiful, it reacts to the music of the game. 

Bug Fixes

We’ve been listening carefully to everyone’s feedback and have identified and resolved a number of gameplay issues. 

  • Updated coarse angle adjustments in the level editor
  • Deadzone on ice levels is increased to prevent accidental movement from joystick
  • When you test your level from the power up toggle screen, you will now return to the modifiers screen correctly 
  • Prevented level editor hotkeys from activating when editing the name of a level 
  • Made fixes to Achievement System to unlock achievements more reliably and at the correct times 
  • Fixed bug where angles of enemies would change when you copied and pasted other enemy parameters 
  • Fixed bug where if you tested from the Power Ups Toggles screen in the level editor you would be stuck 
  • Fixed enemy movement speeds sometimes being carried over from previous levels

    Want to report an issue? Post in the #game-support channel in or email 


    HyperDot | Linux 87 MB
    Version 4 May 18, 2020
    HyperDot | Windows 91 MB
    Version 4 May 18, 2020
    HyperDot | Mac 85 MB
    Version 4 May 18, 2020

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